Monday, October 22, 2007

Why and When We Speak Spanish in Public

Myriam Marquez (page 754)
(Question 3)
I think her purpose is to make a strong point that there is a time and a place to speak your own language. She is correct in saying that it is rude to speak your native tongue if you are in a crowd of only English speaking people; she believes that it shows respect to the other individuals in the conversation. I think that voicing her opinion does contribute to the article. In the earlier part of her column, she was expressing her own opinion of the importance of speaking your native tongue. I think it is a trait that is starting to disappear. She is very proud of her heritage and is not afraid to show it in public. She makes a very good point in stating that this is a free country and she should be able to express her strong believes of her heritage. But, when she finished the last three paragraphs, she was also expressing the other side of the situation, respect. She takes into consideration the crowd she is in and does not disregard their native language. I don’t think she is just talking about the English language; she is talking about all languages. Everyone needs to respect each other when they speak.

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